Submission Information

Submission opens on 1 September 2011
Submission deadline is on 28 October 2011

Abstracts accepted for either oral or poster presentation will report research results in any area of bioinformatics, computational biology or related disciplines. We encourage the submission of abstracts reporting applications to fundamental biological research, health and biotechnologies. Abstracts can include either original unpublished work or published after July 2011. We will also welcome posters presenting reviews of specific methods, tools or applications. These posters are not intended to offer advertisements for commercial business or products. Posters presenting research-based initiatives at universities or other public research institutions will be considered.

Submission guidelines

Abstracts should be submitted using the conference submission system by 28 October 2011 (CET). We will notify acceptance by 27 November 2011. Authors presenting abstracts should ensure that their registrations are received before the registration deadline.

All accepted abstracts with registration will be published in the BBC11 Proceedings, which will be available electronically on this website prior to the conference. A hardcopy of the programme of oral and poster presentations will be distributed at the conference. No paper copies of the proceedings will be available.

Abstracts should not exceed 400 words and must be structured into the following separate sections: Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions. Abstracts will not include figures, tables or references. The use of abbreviations should be minimized.

Abstract review and selection

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Programme committee under two categories: 1. Submission for oral or poster presentation, and 2. Submission for poster presentation only. In the first category the review outcome will be either "accept for oral presentation", "accept for poster presentation" or "reject". In the latter category the output will be either "accept" or "reject"".

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